Friday, 27 March 2015

My Fitness Target

Helloooo everyone! A bit nervous when someone asked me to write my blogs in English because my grammar is badly. haha. I will do my best ya!
24 years old, 163cm, 57kg. That's Me, Ng Sin Zou. This photo is I starting to my new lifestyle about a couple month.

September 2014, I realised I need to change my old lifestyle. I am that of girl, who's like to non stop eating in front of the HK drama. My favourite foods is biscuits, snacks and desserts ( Omg, FATtttttt!). I will do exercise too, but it's just follow my mood. Hahaha.

The power of the new habits was surprising me. I lost my weight from 62kg to 57kg. Haha. My new target is 55kg, and my perfect weight is 52kg. I will achieve it! 😊

To stop a bad habit, we have to replace another good habit. Finally, I find out a few new habits, it's helpful and effective. I will share it in my next blog. This is my short introduce. Thanks for viewing and supports. Appreciate it so much.

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