Friday, 27 March 2015

My Fitness Target

Helloooo everyone! A bit nervous when someone asked me to write my blogs in English because my grammar is badly. haha. I will do my best ya!
24 years old, 163cm, 57kg. That's Me, Ng Sin Zou. This photo is I starting to my new lifestyle about a couple month.

September 2014, I realised I need to change my old lifestyle. I am that of girl, who's like to non stop eating in front of the HK drama. My favourite foods is biscuits, snacks and desserts ( Omg, FATtttttt!). I will do exercise too, but it's just follow my mood. Hahaha.

The power of the new habits was surprising me. I lost my weight from 62kg to 57kg. Haha. My new target is 55kg, and my perfect weight is 52kg. I will achieve it! 😊

To stop a bad habit, we have to replace another good habit. Finally, I find out a few new habits, it's helpful and effective. I will share it in my next blog. This is my short introduce. Thanks for viewing and supports. Appreciate it so much.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Newbie Blogger

第一次下笔的我, 有点紧张! 怕写得不好,毕竟中文只读到中一。嘻嘻!
我,黄欣柔,24岁。身高163cm, 体重(还在努力当中)。这是2014年的我,开始爱上运动,注意饮食。

虽然以前的我不会很肥,但是就是肉肉的(可能我的名叫柔柔)。我会做运动, 但不定时,饮食方面.....常爱大吃大喝,零食、饼干愛不舍手。

这个是现在的我。有差别吗?去年9月份开始改变了生活方式,增添了不少新好习惯。最后,成功从62kg 减至现在的57 kg。我自己也十分惊喜!嘻嘻。我的目标是55 kg ,終级目标是52kg。还在努实现着。

这篇短短的自我介绍, 希望大家多多支持。下一篇,我将会分享我的 "新好习惯" 。希望大家可以跟我一起努力变瘦, 变美, 变健康! 加油哦!